Alternative Health Products Attacked – The 5 Top Reasons to Support a Charter of Health Freedom

Natural Health Products or NHP, such as vitamins & minerals, herbs, TCM, etc. are being attacked, decimated actually, by unnecessarily regulations arbitrarily imposed by Health Canada via the Natural Health Products Directorate. 20,000 natural products, factually totally safe, can no longer be accessed by Canadians due to arbitrary regulation, not safety laws.

Alternative Health Under Attack

However, unlike the US, Health Canada regards safe nutrients, vitamins, etc as dangerous substances that are better taken off the market. Since 2004, with the Natural Health Product Directorate (NHPD) over 20,000 wellness products have gone missing from Canadian shelves.

These therapeutic substances were not found to be dangerous, no one was injured by these products. The 20,000 NHP (herbs, vitamins, natural food concentrates, etc) were removed for not meeting regulations arbitrarily imposed by the NHPD. In fact: Removal of alternative NHP by the NHPD have made people sicker as natural remedies were actually making them well when they had free access and were benefiting from these therapeutic aids.

Recently, Bill C 51 and C 52 were introduced to Parliament as the ‘revised or new’ Food & Drug Act. These Bills were and are both non-constitutional and violate the Charter of Rights and Freedoms of Canadians — re: illegal search and seizure, non-recourse to fines levied, and essentially violated the Rule of Law as handed down to us over 800 years ago via the Magna Carta.

The resulting uproar from Canadians protesting against C 51 and even C 52 was that two of the major opposition parties, the NDP and The Liberal Party reversed their for positions to against positions on these Bills.

Where we stand now as Canadians: Vulnerable to further degradation of Human Health Care Rights.

Why Support Alternative Health Freedom and Free Access to Health Products?

Natural therapeutic products are regulated by Health Canada, a body that is used to dealing with toxic or dangerous substances – aka ‘drugs’
NHP are very safe and enhance the lives of Canadians who use them
Regulating safe products creates unnecessarily controls and results in banning by over zealous regulatory bodies, such as Health Canada and the NHPD
Putting safe health substances under the control of those who deal with dangerous substances, infers these safe products are now ‘dangerous’
Alternative health freedom implies access to try, experiment and otherwise consume therapeutic products for ones benefit or health

There are many personal reasons for you to support freedom of alternative health movements. One of these may be it’s your livelihood and another is your health may depend on your freedom of access to alternative health care products like my health does.

Please share this article with as many others as you can. Only the truth is strong enough to fight State oppression.

Do you want to insure your own health freedom now and in the future? Find out how you can become part of a Canadian national movement that will guarantee you and your children’s freedom of choice for their own bodies.

Freedom to Health – Canadian Health Food Association Attempted Monopoly

Alternative health therapy products have been brutally attacked by Health Canada. 20,000 products which once helped Canadians from ill health have been destroyed by red tape of the Natural Health Product Directorate (NHPD) with the assistance of the Canadian Health Foods Association (CHFA).

While the CHFA should have been protecting the rights of consumers to access health food products they actually were complicit with the NHPD in removing 10s of thousands of products from the shelves of health food stores. By finding out why they did this, one can effectively take action to safeguard one’s health freedom rights.

Why The CHFA Assisted NHPD?

So 70% of the CHFA members could attempt to gain a monopoly with the sparse products they were capable or willing to produce.
Fact: 70% of the CHFA member companies are owned by pharmaceutical companies who are trying to move into the natural health field in the only way they know how. By monopolizing safe and plentiful sources of products (food concentrates) through unnecessary regulation.

Many people are motivated by the natural concern for others health and wellness. Alternative health care practitioners use therapies that care for person betterment. This is good for all of Canadians.

Monopolies work on the basis of what’s best for themselves will be best for all. Selfish and narrow minded, this drive has corrupted many well seeking individuals who were unknowing participants in the deception.

Only by benefiting the greater majority and providing greater freedom, especially in personal health care choices, can a society flourish.

As an alternative health care provider or therapeutic product seller, your freedom is jeopardized by the greed of the few and the ignorance of the masses.

What Can Be Done To Make It Right?

Let the people know that their freedom of choice is being eroded away by unnecessary regulation. But more importantly, tell them they can do something very effective about it.

The greatest force in a country lies within the individual citizen, the person, to act. When that person acts and supports greater causes than themselves, the benefit returns to them. This greater cause I speak of is Health Freedom. By supporting health freedom and insisting on free choice over the care of ones own body, one insures that freedom exists for the next generation.

Do you want to insure your own health freedom now and in the future? Find out how you can become part of a Canadian national movement that will guarantee you and your children’s freedom of choice for their own bodies.